Saturday, May 23, 2009

the black hole in my soul

dont question my madness
it just shadows my sadness
cuz it seems gladness and glee
were never meant for me
i guess im juz destined to be
a fool who'll forever live unhappily...
now i wander this earth
awaiting my hearts rebirth
and for my life to gain worth ...
all hopes and dreams seem to have been replaced
by sorrow and despair which i now must embrace
and such is my case
like a turtle trapped in this rabbit race
moving steadily at my own pace
cuz ive been crippled by this brace
this darkness in my heart which i cannot erase
u might not see it in my face
but of the man i used to be there is only a trace ...
life's a 10 second car that i just cant steer
often find myself wondering why i am here
cuz life is bitter like cheap beer
it'll hit u hard and make you drop a tear
but i cant just continue to live in this fear
might need a microscope to look for my chear ...
i have to escape from this black hole
cant let it continue to devour my soul
its turned my heart black like a small piece of coal
dey say u go down to come up cuz thats just how life rolls
so it seems to be happy i must pay this toll .

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

post #6

how much emotional labor is associated with the food and service industry in america?

i intend to ask questions such as: what kind of jobs did you have before this? how long have you been working in this field? what does your daily routine consist of? haveyou ever had a customer who really aggravated you? do you enjoy your work? do you feel like you have to hide your own emotions and pretend that nothing is wrong with you for the customers sake? how alienanating would you say your job is?

Sunday, April 26, 2009

post #5

i think that we are all a big part of the economy. i personally know that in one day alone: i rely on mta to get me to and back from school/ work. i buy food from many different restaurants/ fast food joints. at my job i collect payment for many of the products that we make which propels the econmy even furthert because it helps circulate the money and keeps the interchange of money constant.i am in a huge way connected to the issues brought up in the film. in the sense that i use many products (from the batteries i usee in my control, my cell phone, my clothes, etc...) that are made in these 3rd world countries by workers that are under paid and over worked. i feel that all though many of us know about the hardships that these people go through and how horribly they are treated we can simply not afford to or it would just be to difficult to not use their products and to avoid thinking about this we sort of put it in the back of our minds and turn a blind eye to it all.but the sad truth is that these workers are going to continue to be abused and mistreated as a result of our apathy.

post #4

One of my all time favorite songs is 8 mile road by eminem. its a song in which he basicalliy describes his life ( working, drama, more working) and his ambitions to move past all of it. he describes the day in and day out struggle of working a 9 to 5 job and how some day he hopes to not have to do that anymore. i often relate my life to this song because i feel it captures many of my hopes and desires. a line in the poem that i can also relate to is "who's not beside you or behind or ahead because he's home trying to sleep off a miserable night shift at Cadillac so he can get up before noon to study his German." i relate to this line because i often am in this same situation. i work til late and then wake up the next day to go to my classes and then back to work after that. but i know that im not the only person juggling school, work and other things. i guess all of us are just hoping that in the end it will all pay off and we wont have to work as hard.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

post #3

Growing up in a spanish culture I noticed that most of the men had high laboring jobs such as: carpenter, electrician, construction worker, etc... I also noticed that most of the women were housewives and if they did have any jobs they were babysitters or something along those lines. I guess the predominant theory in my culture is for men to have laboring jobs and for women to have either no job at all or a small job that would still alllow her to take care of her family. I also think that this probably had a big role in shaping my own goals for work. By seeing all those men struggle day through day it made me want to have a nice office job with little to no labor.

Monday, March 30, 2009

post # 2

I think that status in my community is determined by what kind of job a person has and how much money they make. Based on this I would say that my community is really materialistic. I share these ideas but to a certain extent. I believe that status should be determined by what kind of a person the subject in question is. I don't really aspire to have status in my community. I do aspire to eventually make enough money to move out of this community and into a better one.

post #1

1) I am currently working at a Carvel ice cream shop. My job pretty much consists of serving customers, keeping the store clean, stocking items, and making different flavors. The store I work in is not really huge but it is more than enough space for both the employees and the customers. It is a very comfortable and friendly atmosphere. The one thing that I would change if I could is to raise my pay.

2) When I was a child my father worked in a parking lot as a supervisor and my mother worked in a breadstick making factory. They always told me that the key to getting a good job was to get an education. They would tell me stories about all their old jobs and the hardships they went through. As a result of this, I still believe that the key to a good job is an education. This is probably the main reason im in college right now.