Saturday, May 23, 2009

the black hole in my soul

dont question my madness
it just shadows my sadness
cuz it seems gladness and glee
were never meant for me
i guess im juz destined to be
a fool who'll forever live unhappily...
now i wander this earth
awaiting my hearts rebirth
and for my life to gain worth ...
all hopes and dreams seem to have been replaced
by sorrow and despair which i now must embrace
and such is my case
like a turtle trapped in this rabbit race
moving steadily at my own pace
cuz ive been crippled by this brace
this darkness in my heart which i cannot erase
u might not see it in my face
but of the man i used to be there is only a trace ...
life's a 10 second car that i just cant steer
often find myself wondering why i am here
cuz life is bitter like cheap beer
it'll hit u hard and make you drop a tear
but i cant just continue to live in this fear
might need a microscope to look for my chear ...
i have to escape from this black hole
cant let it continue to devour my soul
its turned my heart black like a small piece of coal
dey say u go down to come up cuz thats just how life rolls
so it seems to be happy i must pay this toll .